BPSC Office Contact Number: A Comprehensive Guide for Easy Access

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the BPSC office contact number. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information to easily access the contact number of the BPSC office. The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) is a government organization responsible for conducting recruitment examinations and selecting candidates for various civil services positions in Bihar, India. If you have any queries, or concerns, or require assistance, the BPSC office contact number is your go-to resource. Let’s dive in and explore the various aspects of the BPSC office contact number.

BPSC Office Contact Number: How to Get in Touch

For any query regarding filling of the online application form, please call at

Bihar Public Service Commission


15, Nehru Path (Bailey Road),
Patna – 800 001 (BIHAR)

Enquiry Section 2237999/89864-22296
IT (Online) Section 92977-39013

E-Mail: [email protected]


Name and Designation Office Numbers
Shri Atul Prasad, Hon’ble Chairman
Shri Imteyaz Ahmad Karimi, Hon’ble Member 2215322
Prof. Deepti Kumari, Hon’ble Member
Dr. Arun Kumar Bhagat, Hon’ble Member
Shri Nawal Kishore, Hon’ble Member
Shri Sarb Narayan Yadaw, Hon’ble Member
Shri Yashaspati Mishra, Hon’ble Member
Shri Ravi Bhushan, Secretary 2215187
Shri Ravi Bhushan, Examination Controller 2215368


  1. Official Website: Visit the official website of the Bihar Public Service Commission. You can find the contact number listed in the “Contact Us” or “Help” section of the website.
  2. BPSC Office Address: Another way to acquire the contact number is by visiting the BPSC office in person. The address of the office is:

    Bihar Public Service Commission, 15, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg (Bailey Road), Patna – 800001, Bihar, India.

    You can directly inquire about the contact number at the office reception.

  3. Online Directories: Several online directories provide contact information for government organizations. You can search for the BPSC office contact number on these platforms. Make sure to select a reliable and reputable directory for accurate information.

FAQs About BPSC Office Contact Number

1. What is the BPSC office contact number?

The BPSC office contact number is the primary means of communication with the Bihar Public Service Commission. It allows individuals to inquire about various examinations, recruitment processes, and other queries related to civil services in Bihar. The contact number ensures easy access to information and assistance from the BPSC office.

2. Can I contact the BPSC office for general queries?

Yes, you can contact the BPSC office for general queries. The contact number provided by the BPSC office facilitates communication between the candidates and the commission. If you have any doubts or concerns regarding the application process, eligibility criteria, or any other related topic, feel free to reach out to the office using the provided contact number.

3. What are the office hours of the BPSC office?

The office hours of the BPSC office are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Please note that the office might remain closed on public holidays and weekends. It’s always recommended to contact the office during the working hours for a prompt response.

4. Can I request information through email instead of the contact number?

Yes, you can also send an email to the BPSC office for information or assistance. Along with the contact number, the official website provides an email address where you can send your queries. However, it’s important to note that the response time for emails may vary, and for urgent matters, contacting the office via the provided contact number is advisable.

5. Are there alternative contact methods apart from the contact number?

Yes, apart from the contact number and email address, the BPSC office may have additional contact methods such as fax or official social media accounts. These alternative methods of contact are usually listed on the official website or can be inquired about when visiting the office in person.

6. What should I do if I cannot reach the BPSC office through the provided contact number?

If you face difficulties reaching the BPSC office through the provided contact number, it’s recommended to verify the number and try again. However, if the issue persists, you can consider visiting the office in person or reaching out to them through alternative contact methods mentioned earlier.


In conclusion, the BPSC office contact number is an essential resource for individuals seeking information and assistance regarding civil services in Bihar. Whether you have general queries, need clarification on the recruitment process, or require any other related information, contacting the BPSC office will provide you with the guidance you need. Remember to utilize the official website, visit the office in person, or explore reliable online directories to access the contact number conveniently. Stay informed, and make the most of the BPSC office contact number to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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  1. Sir BPSC Tre2 exam language (qualifying) there is English+ Hindi /Urdu/Bengali .I chose Bengali but in question paper only Hindi why ???
    Sir please also provide Bengali/Urdu in language paper 1

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    बाद में कुछ लोग बता रहे हैं कि प्रथम विषय इतिहास के साथ दूसरी विषय भुगोल ले सकते हैं लेकिन प्रथम विषय भुगोल के साथ दूसरी विषय इतिहास नहीं ले सकते हैं। जबकि दोनों एक ही विषय कंबिनेशन हुआ।
    सर से आग्रह है कि दोनों चयनित विषय कंबिनेशन को एक ही माना जाए। जिससे मुझ जैसी सुदूर ग्रामीण छात्रा जो कि सोशल मीडिया से दूर रहकर तैयारी करने के कारण इस निर्देश से समय पर अवगत नहीं हो पाई हों को राहत मिल सके।
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  3. Respected sir good morning l am middle class women once l clear my bpsc exam first time you give a chance to deled candidates now second time you cut of the marks why sir before exam you take a decision now what you will give us third chance please think about all that poor students it’s a request

  4. Atul sir ji tre 2 me TGT Hindi 6 to 8 me st category female ko 38 seat Diye male ko 10 hi male female equal kijiye sir please


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